Autism Resources

Autism2Let’s use this blog to share and talk about resources that help teach to autism.

  • First, tell us why you chose the resource.
  • Next, provide us with a link to the resource and a brief description of it.
  • Explain how the resource works effectively, or has the potential to work effectively, with students who have autism.

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  1. Literacy Solutions PD

    Auditory Perception and Music from Wholesome Harmonies, LLC: – some very smart lesson ideas for teaching through the senses, tapping the strengths of the autistic.

  2. Susan Mahan

    I chose this resource because I love that it includes all areas of curriculum. It has a variety of activities to engage learners.

    BrainPop Jr. games and activities to interest all learners in the areas of science, health, reading and writing, social studies, math, arts and technology

    I think this has the potential to work effectively with students with autism as it allows them the opportunity to choose the mode of learning that provides them with the most success.

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