Flip Your Classroom With Digital Technologies, Grades K-12 – No. 266

Flipping a classroom takes commitment and time because is an inverted method of transforming a traditional classroom to one of responsiveness with a focus on delivery of instruction through active, student-centered learning, problem-based learning, group work, collaboration, and peer instruction. Participants will learn and practice with delivering flipped learning through digital technologies. They will view examples of flipped classrooms, vet lesson plans, transform and modify their own lessons to design new material that responds to several successful effective models of flipping classrooms. Course Objectives:

  • Determine where flipping is needed in, and where it makes the most sense for, their own classrooms in order to design effective flipped classroom plans through blended learning.
  • Research and access resources for classroom activities that focus on skill, strategy, and concept application to embed in larger lesson plans.
  • Understand, and develop facility with, components of flipped classrooms that are most engaging for students in order to identify the content to plan engaging student activities with.