Functional Behavior Assessment for Students with Disabilities, Grades K-12 – No. 218

Functional behavioral assessment is an effective and proven problem-solving process for addressing student problem behavior where a variety of strategies are used to identify the roots of specific behavioral issues. It is also an effective tool used to aid IEP teams in specific interventions that focus directly on the problematic behavior. Participants will learn how to analyze a student’s behavior and develop intervention approaches that go beyond the behavior to focus on social, affective, cognitive and environmental factors that may be associated with the occurrence through an application of a Functional Behavioral assessment, or FBA.

Course Objectives:

  • Analyze student behavior to identify significant student social, affective, cognitive and environmental factors that affect their actions through the FBA approach.
  • Apply the FBA approach to develop action plans directed at specific root causes of student behaviors by understanding the “why”.
  • Gain the resources needed to understand the usefulness of the FBA approach to develop associated behavioral intervention plans for their students.