Intervention Strategies for Tiers II and III Students – Grades K-12 – No. 220

Using a tiered instructional framework model, participants will learn how to deliver multi-dimensional instruction focused on exactly where student challenges lie. Through high quality, differentiated and scientifically based instructional practices, participants will learn how to scaffold learning strategy with increased intensity to meet students at their established levels of performance and learning readiness as they leverage with SLOs, IEP goals, and standards for achievement. Increased achievement and closing learning gaps is the highest priority strategic intervention for Tiers II and III students.

Course Outcomes:

  • Identify, analyze, use and apply tiered instructional models to close achievement gaps among Tiers II and III students.
  • Learn and practice with the assessment procedures needed to progress monitor effectively in order to deliver effective and timely interventions for RtI students.
  • Practice with various differentiated, the scientifically based instructional technique to address students needs with.
  • Plan with, and implement, curriculum and content geared toward meeting the instructional needs of Tiers II and III students using tiered intervention strategies.