Positive Behavior Supports, Grades K-5 – No. 229

Positive behavioral support offers school environments safety, allow for health risks, challenge appropriately, and create elements of predictability needed for successful learning environments.  Social appropriateness and academic success are the highest goals for effective behavioral support strategy. Using methods supported by strong research and numerous Departments of Education, along with a three-tiered approach to behavior management, participants will learn what positive behavior support looks like, versus punitive reaction to behavioral challenges. Increased instructional time, heightened attendance, attentiveness and academic achievement will be the end results of positive behavior supports.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand and experiment with the elements of positive student support and how strategy flows to educational effectiveness
  • Develop awareness and working knowledge of student behaviors that rise to the need for instructional and behavioral support, and learn how to align these needs with an effective strategy.
  • Plan for, and experiment with, the research-based strategies associated with positive student support that flows to increased student achievement.