Positive Intervention Strategies, Grade K-12 – No. 228

Positive behavioral interventions with the proper, carefully selected supports in place make for successful all-around school environments. Predictability, social appropriateness, and academic success are the highest goals in a system of the effective behavioral intervention strategy. Using research-based strategies supported by several Departments of Education and associations, along with a three-tiered approach to behavior management, participants will learn what proactive intervention looks like. Increasing instructional time, student attendance, attentiveness, and academic achievement will result, as will a decrease in the disruptions that preclude time and classroom management.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand and develop utility with the elements of positive intervention strategy and these strategies work into educational effectiveness
  • Develop an awareness of student behaviors that call the need for intervention, and learn how to align such needs to effective intervention strategy.
  • Plan for, and experiment with, the research-based strategies associated with a positive intervention that flows to increased student achievement.