Response to Intervention for Incidence Disabilities, Grades 3-12 – No. 225

Response-to-Intervention (RTI) is a popular method for identifying the presence of a learning disability. It is often the primary method used, a popular term for research, and now considered to be among the most effective and foremost in research-based student interventions. This course will take participants through the RTI process, the research behind it, and leverage it as a method for addressing incidence disabilities. Participants will take away sound and research-based strategies consistent with the RTI model for addressing specific LD student needs.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand and develop working knowledge of the concept of RTI and how to apply it to Tiers I, II and III learners in their classrooms.
  • Understand the nature of incidence disabilities and learn new strategies to address them in inclusive classroom settings.
  • Design RTI plans with embedded strategies for addressing students with incidence disabilities in their classrooms.