ELL/ESOL for Guidance Counselors – No. ELL-ED-214

This course aligns with Florida ESOL Competencies for: ESOL for Guidance Counselors/Category IV

Counseling gifted students to help them achieve their talents requires skillful coaching and motivational address of the students in their care. This course will teach the background and legal requirements of ESOL programs for both state and federal requirements in order to effectively support students’ academic track toward college and career choices. Participants will examine multiple self-concept and motivational strategies, practice with motivational technique geared specifically for ESOL students to guide them throughout a responsible college and career track.

Course Outcomes:

  • Develop the skills to counsel, advise, and support students in their development of language proficiencies.
  • Use and apply enhanced counseling and communication skills to support students at home, in the classroom, and throughout their academic track.
  • Learn how to recognize the differences among language proficiencies in native tongue and in English through the administration of aptitude testing, learning styles inventories, interest inventories, and application of multiple intelligences theories.
  • Support student development as it flows into and out of district and school curriculum.
  • Assist students and their families in support of academic achievement, social and emotional interferences to academic achievement and college and career readiness.
  • Assist students in advanced placement, career exploration, development of LEP plans, LEP Student Plans, and academic readiness for higher education.
  • Develop support strategies for all instructional and academic needs for LEP students.
  • Develop strategies for LEP family outreach.
  • Develop strategies for community outreach on behalf of LEP students.
  • Facilitate the capacity-building of LEP students in accessing and utilizing resources for personal and academic gain in furtherance of a responsible and appropriate academic track beyond the classroom.
  • After screening students for appropriate higher educational choices, learn how to aid them in the admission requirements for institutes of higher education.
  • Design and pursue a case study that embodies the elements of responsible counseling and student capacity-building, strategies to support the academic needs of ELL students in support of the FL DOE ESOL competencies.
  • Access digital resources to aid in responsible and appropriate post-secondary guidance counseling process.

This course is 60 hours