ESOL Instructional Leadership No. ELL-ED-299

This course aligns with Florida ESOL Competencies for: ESOL for Administrators/Category IV

Participants will develop clear understanding of the role of and responsibilities of leadership in ESOL instructional programs. A district and school-wide understanding of the programs through an understanding of culture and its impact on instructional pedagogy will engage all district stakeholders invested in ESOL programs and progress.

Course Outcomes:

  • Understand multicultural instruction for diverse student populations.
  • Learn how to support the integration of multicultural instruction in classrooms.
  • Develop awareness of issues facing ELL students and the wider ELL community.
  • Understand formal and informal assessment of ESOL programs and for ELLs in all capacities: language skills, language impairment, special education, giftedness.
  • Communicate these methods and strategies to all stakeholders in support of effective ESOL programs to garner support among the wider district and school community.
  • Understand how to screen for language deficits and indicators of learning disabilities, particularly among special education students, language impaired and understand the distinction among them.
  • Understand how to screen for effective programs that support the needs of ELL students.
  • Understand how to identify and support effective professional development programs and methods for teachers in support of the ELL students that they teach through research and evidence-based curriculum.
  • Apply research-based principles and pedagogy in support of ESOL programs.
  • Identify digital and technical resources and materials in support of ESOL programs, and in support of teacher professional development as it flows into ELL language development and academic achievement.
  • Effectively coach and evaluate school staff to support methods and resources for successful ESOL program implementation and support the school’s Continuous Improvement Model.

This course is 20 hours