ESOL Methods of Teaching for Category III Teachers: Strategies for Professionals, K-12 – No. ELL-ED-213

This course aligns with Florida ESOL Competencies for: Methods of Teaching/Category III

This course is for all professionals and working with ELL students to include parents, paraprofessionals, and all school stakeholders to include psychologists, special area teachers and all school personnel in  fulfilling the requirement to complete required in-service training. Topics cover the roles and responsibilities of school professionals in Florida for ELL students, research-based ESOL strategies, methods, curriculum and curriculum design, linguistics, culture, and evaluation of ELL students.

Course Outcomes:

  • Increase knowledge of, and utility with, classroom methods and materials for ELL students.
  • Understand the needs of ELL students and the outcomes needed for language development and overall academic achievement.
  • Develop strategies for working successfully with ELL students in all school settings.
  • Understand the pedagogy behind the transfer of new skills and strategies to all content areas.