Moodle for Everyone!

Let’s face it: it’s a Moodle world! This workshop will take participants through the nuances and inner workings of Moodle with a keen eye for instructional design. Included will be tips and tricks for effectively working in visuals, graphics, multi-media, and use of the newest Moodle features to include books, completion tracking, and reports among others. The use of Wikis and blogs will be used to facilitate discussion in both self-paced and instructor-led environments. A little bit of Moodle for everyone!  Participants will practice in a sandbox environment, and come out with design skills that can transition immediately to practice in their own Moodle environments.

  • Develop a keen eye for effective facets of instructional design.
  • Import effective facets of instructional design into original products.
  • Contribute to a compendium of best practices in blended learning using Moodle tools and Moodle-friendly applications.