Peer Coaching for LOTE Students, Grades K-Adult

Based on the book Peer Coaching for Adolescent Writers (Ruckdeschel, 2011), participants will learn the nuts and bolts of student-centered peer coaching as it is appropriate for LOTE students in giving and receiving feedback on language and writing. In addition, they will learn how to facilitate student feedback that works into language mastery as it is reflected in their writing throughout the writing process. This research-based program has shown to build the capacity of student writers while improving performance on standardized assessments. All ancillary materials for immediate implementation are included.

Course Outcomes:

  • Apply and facilitate a three-step feedback model of student peer review.
  • Understand the roles of writing, listening, reading and responding and how to plan for instruction that builds students’ language capacity.
  • Acquire and use the tools necessary to foster effective peer coaching sessions as they work inside of language learning and the writing process.