Demonstration of Accomplished Practices: Reading Practicum, Grades K-12 – No. RL-ED-256

Competency 5: Demonstration of Accomplishment

Participants will, through a scaffolded curriculum and culminating practicum, demonstrate knowledge of the components of reading, as well as assessments and data analysis, to implement a self-planned, comprehensive research-based reading plan of instruction for all students. Participants will implement plans in their classrooms, discuss and reflect on instruction in learning forums, make adjustments to plans, and return to classrooms for more implementation as they engage in the systematic problem solving process.

Course Outcomes:

  • Design and develop a culminating curriculum for classroom implementation.
  • Embed research-based reading concepts, assessments, strategies, and tools into plans to aid in implementation.
  • Monitor student learning and make adjustments to curriculum as necessary to differentiate and individualize instruction.
  • Use data to adjust planning and instruction.
  • Implement with fidelity the effective reading concepts and strategies that support student achievement to include the components of reading.

This course is 60 hours