Classroom Literacy Strategies for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening: Grades K-5 – No. 149

Participants will practice and become familiar with implementation tools and strategies that facilitate structured reading, writing, speaking, and listening in K-5 settings. Participants will understand how to teach age and grade-appropriate citation skills, comparing, contrasting, analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating of non-fiction print as it works into larger written products in multiple classroom settings.  Participants will also acquire and practice with the strategies that teach students how to apply higher order thinking sills in order to cull ideas and build on those of others. 21st century digital tools that facilitate K-5 speaking and listening will be included for additional practice and implementation.

Course Objectives:

  • Acquire and apply research-based strategies to teaching reading, writing, listening and speaking lessons to aid students in the skills needed to be college and career ready.
  • Teach and scaffold the critical literacies within reading, writing, speaking and listening across multiple subject areas.
  • Understand how to import reading, writing, listening and speaking skills into differentiated lesson plans.