Common Core Reading Standards and Strategies That Support Them: Grades K-12 – No. 113

Participants will learn to analyze and evaluate fiction and non-fiction print by looking at text complexity, effective reading selection and methods for readability. Supportive materials for scaffolding and differentiation will also be evaluated as they align with resources for determining grade-level appropriateness. Leveled libraries, anecdotal and assessment data (including running records) will be examined for planning and instructional purposes. Multiple resources will include vocabulary strategies, readability tools, scaffolding organizers and other tools that offer differentiated support for multiple reading levels, struggling learners and ELLs.

Course objectives:

  • Analyze and evaluate text complexity in fiction and non-fiction print.
  • Use tools to determine text readability to leverage student reading level with scaffolding techniques.
  • Differentiate instruction for text complexity, scaffolding and reading readiness.