Modification Strategies for a Common Core-Aligned Curriculum in the Reading and Writing Strands, K-12 – No. 243a

After an overall introduction to the an example of Common Core curriculum using the NYS ELA modules, participants will understand which modification strategies are appropriate for maintaining CCSS integrity and fidelity, and which are not. Differentiated and cognitive-friendly scaffolding strategies for target skills in the modules will be proposed through examples offered in grades 3, 7 and 10. After being guided through a modification process using a self-selected skill within a module, participants will practice modifying self-selected module lessons using a Modification Template for Reading and Writing. A final comprehensive lesson will culminate all assignments. Instructor feedback will be provided for all practice and final assignments.

Course Objectives:

  • Respond to lessons with modification strategies appropriate for maintaining Common Core lesson integrity and fidelity.
  • Develop familiarity and practice with resources and strategies that aid in modifying modules using research-based methods, materials, and strategies.
  • Align proposed changes in assessments and/or strategies with grade level standards to adjust for time and maintain focus on students’ work toward mastery of the same standards.
  • Analyze replacement text for complexity, content and vocabulary in order to align another complex text to the standards identified.
  • Review examples of high quality text-dependent questions for replacement texts in order to incorporate question design into lessons.
  • Replace curriculum with tasks that include the same level of rigor and achieve the same standards.