Purposeful Planning – 2 hours

Aligned to: Danielson Domains 1 and 2, Marzano Domains 2 and 3

Planning with purpose leads to effective instruction. This course takes learners through a variety of planning processes that align closely with pre-established learning goals, objectives, and state and national standards. In addition, working knowledge of current best instructional design and preparation will highlight the relevance of reflection as it enriches comprehensive lesson development. Participants will work new ideas into planning with specific purposes and ends in mind as they work out of and into the Marzano (2001) Nine Categories of Instructional Planning.

Course Objectives:

  • Develop understanding and knowledge of content and pedagogy as it informs differentiation for a variety of student needs.
  • Understand and develop a working knowledge of what the high instructional outcomes are, and how to plan for them through coherent instructional design.
  • Develop utility with planning resources that aid in the lesson and content development.