Essential Questioning Resources

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Let’s pool and share the resources we already use, know about, or continue to find as they support the design and use of essential questioning.



  1. Walla

    This was a great resource to read about QFT. It was clear and broken down step by step. The length was perfect to explain how to incorporate how to present a prompt and to allow the students to take over like a gradual release and at the end the teacher guides and in a way, take back control by concluding the lesson.

  2. LeeAnn Brink

    3. Students as Teachers:What if students had to formulate a lesson plan themselves?
    I do a project with my gifted students where they research something they are very passionate about, and they plan a lesson to teach the other students this topic.This will require them to come up with an essential question.
    They lead a classroom discussion.This activity is a good end of the year project that is very inspiring to watch.

  3. Noor
    I chose this online resource because it provides teacher with a tool on how to create essential questions, and how to relate those essential questions to the standard. This will help teachers be more prepared during instruction, as this questions will be incorported into the lesson plans.
    Creating these essential questions work effectively with struggling readers as they are tied to the objective and to the standards. This will help them understand what they are exactly learning about, and will help them create the new material to background information that they can connect to. Struggling readers first need a point of connection to the text. Essential questioning will also help the students throughout think deeper and more independently about the content of the text, aiding them in comprehension and understanding.

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