Susan Ruckdeschel, EDD/CI
Original Founder

Susan Ruckdeschel, EDD/CI is the Original Founder of Literacy Solutions and more, Inc., and lead course designer. Susan is also an author and educator.

With over 20 years of experience in public schools.Her own publication, Peer Coaching for Adolescent Writers, (Corwin Press, 2010) teaches teachers how to move up student academic achievement in writing by setting purposes and goals, formulating feedback, and communicating effectively through listening, reading, writing and speaking. Susan continues to develop curriculum, both print and online, while delivering professional development through Literacy Solutions’ online courses and site-based workshops. Susan has also just completed her doctoral work in curriculum and instruction, earning an EDD/CI through the University of Phoenix. Her study focused on best practices in blended learning that lead to, and build, teaching capacity.
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Miranda Renee
Editor and Media Relations Consultant

As Editor and Media Relations consultant, Miranda brings five years of industry experience in media production, news editing, and senior-level news production.

 Presently a Senior News Producer for WGRZ and WKBW in Buffalo, NY, Miranda assists in editing content, procurement, and media relations for Literacy Solutions.
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Terry VanNoy
Instructional Designer

Terry VanNoy is an experienced teacher specializing in technology and mathematics. As a PD specialist, Terry has worked with teachers.

In modeling math curriculum, planning and support of a Common Core-aligned curriculum.As a consultant, Terry visits schools and classrooms throughout the five boroughs of New York City to help teachers learn to use and integrate technology, and plan with SMARTboards. He also serves as an instructional coach to teach the efficient use of instructional technologies.
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Dr. Caryn Huss
Instructor, Instructional Designer

Dr. Huss is a certified school psychologist and educator, who has earned four graduate degrees over the course of her academic career.Dr. Huss holds an MA in Developmental Psychology

from Columbia Teachers College, and an MS
in Educational Administration from Pace University.  In addition to a Professional Diploma in school psychology, Dr. Huss has a PhD in Educational Administration from Fordham University. Dr. Huss teaches many of the Literacy Solutions’ online courses that she also wrote or helped to write.
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Cynthia Chandler

Cindy Chandler has lived by this quote for the last twenty-seven years of her career: “Let us put our minds together and see what future we can make for our children.”~Chief Joseph, Nez Percé .

This quote was the foundation of her implementation of collaboration, mentorship and differentiation within all of her work with children, the community and colleagues. Cindy has worked directly with students from Birth through Grade 12. Focusing on language and literacy learning with differentiated strategies has been her area of expertise. Cindy is enthusiastic about the opportunity to discuss, engage and prompt thinking in the courses she will facilitate. Her thirty-three years in the field of education, as a teacher, administrator and most of all learner will be an asset to the learning of the educators enrolled in Literacy Solutions courses. Cindy has extensive training in special education law, supervision and instruction. She has worked with a variety of resources to teach and mentor guided reading, writers’ workshop, assessment, data review, Response to Intervention (RTI), individualized education plan (IEP) development, Common Core State Standards implementation and ESOL instruction. Cindy holds NYS certifications in the areas of Deaf and Hearing Impaired; Speech and Hearing Handicapped; Nursery, Kindergarten & Grades 1-6; School Administrator/Supervisor; and School District Administrator.
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