21 downloadbles in Word, PDF and/or Excel, with alignments to Dufour & Eaker, Danielson, Marzano, Venables and others. Materials include:

  1. 4-Point Rubric Sample
  2. 4-Point Rubric Blank Template
  3. Anecdotal Notebook
  4. Anecdotal Notes Record
  5. Assessments Chart
  6. Assessment Alignment Map
  7. Assessments Checklist
  8. Best Classroom Assessment Practices
  9. Daily Score Card
  10. Monthly Score Card
  11. Data Action Worksheet
  12. Exit and Entrance Slips
  13. Individaul Student Intervention Plans
  14. Listening and Speaking Rubrics
  15. Listening Checklist – K-5
  16. Oral Reading Rubric
  17. Post Data Next Steps
  18. Reading Comprehension Rubric
  19. Vocabulary Assessment Magazine
  20. Weekly Learning Log Template
  21. What Did They Learn


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