Balanced Literacy


23 items: lesson templates, student organizers, teacher strategy guides, and
information on Balanced Literacy with works from: Dougherty Stahl, Metsala,
Reutzel, Spiegel, D. Materials include:

  1. Balanced Literacy Lesson Template
  2. Balanced Literacy: What Is It?
  3. Balanced Writing
  4. Key Word Connections
  5. KWHL Organizer – PK-3
  6. KWHL Organizer – Science
  7. KWHL Organier – All Grades
  8. Likes and Note Likes
  9. Literature Web
  10. Main Idea Chart
  11. My Literature Web
  12. Non-Fiction Informational Text
  13. Pick A Plot
  14. Picture Walk Checklist
  15. Picture Walk Checklist for K-3
  16. Plot and Resolution
  17. Stop and Think
  18. Story Map
  19. Traditional Vs. Balanced Literacy
  20. Words I Don’t Know
  21. Word Wall Activities
  22. Writers Block Think Through
  23. Balanced Writing Ideas
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When literacy and literacy tasks are appropriately balanced in the classroom, performance increases and students enjoy learning. These balanced literacy materials will aid teachers in implementing evidence-based strategies in their classrooms when working with K-12 students. Students will come to enjoy reading, writing, and learning more!


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