24 items: lesson templates, student organizers, teacher strategy organizers and guides, and information on Common Core State Standards, Close Reading, and working with complex text. Materials included: Baumann, et al. (2002); Burke (2013); Cote & Goldman (1999); Dreher & Gray, (2009); Fisher & Frey (2012, 2015); Hiebert & Lubliner (2008); Katz & Carlisle (2009); Palumbo & Sanacore (2009); Strickland (2012); Vacca & Vacca (2013). Materials include:

1. CCSS Rubric Template
2. Close Reading Checklist for Students
3. Close Reading Checklist for Students: K-2
4. Close Reading Annotation Guide for Teachers
5. Close Reading Teacher Checklist
6. Collaborative Annotation Guide
7. CCSS Lesson Template
8. Inferences to Evidence
9. Inferencing Strategy
10. Listening Speaking Rubrics
11. Listening Checklist K-5
12. Listening Checklist K-5
13. Modifications for Text Dependent Questions
14. Modifications Checklist
15. Supporting Argument and Evidence
16. Task Modifications Checklist
17. Text Annotation Guide
18. Writing for Mathematics
19. Writing for All Content Areas
20. Writing for Math – McRel
21. Writing for Mathematics
22. Writing Genres
23. Writing Ideas
24. Writing Prompts

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When literacy and literacy tasks are appropriately aligned in the classroom, student performance increases. These Common Core materials will aid teachers in implementing evidence-based strategies that align to the Common Core in their classrooms when working with K-12 students. Students will come to enjoy reading, writing, and learning more!


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