Close Reading K-5


14 Word and PDF documents to include checklists for teachers and students, graphic organizers, and strategy guides. Burke, B. (2013); Cote, N., & Goldman, S. R. (1999); Dreher, M., & Gray, J. (2009); Fisher, D. & Frey, N. (2012); Hiebert, E.H., & Lubliner, S. (2008); Fisher, D., Frey, N., Brozo, W. and Ivey, G. (2015); Ogle, D., & Correa-Kovtun, A. (2010); Palumbo, A., & Sanacore, J. (2009); Strickland, D. S. (2012); Vacca, R.T., & Vacca, J. L., (2013). Materials include:

1. Checking Framework for Text Complexity
2. Close Reading Lesson Plan Template
3. Close Reading Checklist for Students
4. Close Reading Checklist for Teachers
5. Close Reading Annotation Guide for Teachers
6. Collaborative Annotation Guide for Text Complexity
7. Compare Contrast Key Questions K-5
8. DRTA Template
9. Inferences to Evidence
10. Inferencing Strategy
11. New Word Inventory
12. Strategies for Struggling Readers and Writers
13. Text Annotation Guide
14. Venn Diagram, K-3

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