Early Literacy


29 items for use with students when implementing and/or incorporating early literacy strategies to include: literature circle role organizers, planning templates, lesson ideas, student organizers, and content books. From the works of: Allington, R. (2015). Applegate, M. D., Applegate, A. J., & Modla, V. B. (2009); Fisher, D., Frey, N. (2010); Fisk, C., & Hurst, B. (2003); Gill, S. R. (2008). Hernandez, D.J. (2011); Ogle, D., & Correa-Kovtun, A. (2010); Reutzel, R. (2015); Trehearne, M.P. (Ed.). (2006); Wolf, M.K., Crosson, A.C., & Resnick, L.B. (2004). Materials include:
1. I-chart for K-5
2. Jigsaw Strategies
3. KWHL Organizer
4. KWL Organizer
5. Likes and Not Likes
6. Literature Circle: Artist
7. Literature Circles: K-5
8. Literature Circles: Director
9. Main Idea Chart
10. Matching Readers to Books
11. My Best Listening Checklist
12. My Literature Web
13. My Reading Preferences
14. New Word Inventory
15. Non-Fiction-Informational Text
16. Content Book: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening
17. Pick-A-Plot
18. Picture Walk Checklist
19. Picture Walk Checklist K-3
20. Content Book: Reading Fluency and Comprehension
21. Reading Inventory Preferences
22. Say, Mean, Matter K-3
23. Say, Mean, Matter K-5
24. Stop and Think
25. Story Map
26. Teaching New Words
27. Venn Diagram K-3
28. Words I Don’t Know

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