49 items for use with students when implementing and/or incorporating ESOL/ELL strategies and/or planning for ESOL/ELL instruction to include: student organizers, planning templates, lesson ideas, strategy guides, rubrics, and content books. From the works of: Ariza, E. N. (2010); Krashen, S. (1982); Peregoy, S. F., & Boyle, O. F. (2001); Skehan, P. (1989); Behazadi, A. and Sayadian, S. (2015); Carolan, J. (2007); Hakuta, K., & Beatty, A. (Eds., 2000); Martiniello, M. (2008); Rivera, C., & Collum, E. (Eds.). (2008); Thurlow, M. L., Thompson, S. J., & Lazarus, S. S. (2006); Marzano, R. J. (2003); Paradis, J. (2005). Materials include:

1. Content Book: Capitalizing on Cultural Backgrounds
2. Content Book: Classroom Linguistic Routines
3. Content Book: Cultural Diversity in Our Classrooms
4. DRTA Template
5. ELL Strategies
6. Frayer Model for ELLs
7. Goal Setting for ELLs and Young Writers
8. KWHL Organizer
9. KWL Organizer
10. Lesson Plan Template: Inclusion
11. Lesson Plan Template: UDL-ELL
12. Likes and Not Likes
13. Listening/Speaking Rubrics
14. Listening Checklist for K-5
15. Listening Checklist for K-5
16. List-Group-Label
17. Literature Web
18. Main Idea Chart
19. Marzano Six Step Vocabulary
20. New Word Inventory
21. Oral Reading Rubric
22. Other Cognitive-Friendly Strategies
23. Peer Coaching for ELLs
24. Peer Coaching for ELL Young Writers

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