Gifted And Talented


37 downloadbles in Word and PDF with of student facing and teacher facing graphic organizers, rubrics, strategy guides, content books, and more. Many materials adapted from the research of: Cheney (2010), Downing (2003), Friedman (2010), Klingner et al. (2013), Kroeger et al. (2009), Tomlinson (2013).

  1. Alternative Text
  2. Argument Guide
  3. Argument Guide for Science
  4. Critical Literacy Bookmark Technique
  5. Contract for Reading Ahead
  6. Content Read: Critical Literacy
  7. Content Read: Critical Reading, Writing, And Thinking
  8. Critical Literacy Teaching Strategies
  9. Critical Thinking: Analysis
  10. Critical Thinking: Synthesize
  11. Daily Extension Log
  12. DI Planning
  13. DI Literature Circles Example 1
  14. DI Literature Circles Example 2
  15. Di Planning: Inclusion
  16. Differentiation Checklist and Guide
  17. Evidence Argument Checklist
  18. Extension Menu Directions
  19. Feedback Strategies
  20. I-Chart K-5
  21. Inquiry Products Attributes
  22. Inquiry Rubric Template
  23. Interest Inventory
  24. Open Interest Inventory
  25. Jigsaw Strategies
  26. Juxtaposing K-12
  27. Pause, Prompt, Praise
  28. Peer Coaching as Questionign
  29. Peer Coaching Participation Guide
  30. Peer Coaching Posters
  31. Reading Activities Menu Grades 2-6
  32. Reciprocal Teaching for Science
  33. Silent Peer Coaching as Questioning
  34. Content Read: The Steps in Detail
  35. Content Read: Theories, Programs for Gifted and Talented
  36. Writing Genres
  37. Writing Prompts
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When gifted learners are appropriately challenged in the classroom, performance increases and they are no longer at-risk for giving up, boredom, or failure. These teaching to gifted and talented materials will aid teachers in implementing evidence-based strategies in their classrooms when working with gifted students. Students will be bored less, and become active and independent learners while learning more!


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