Literacy Across The Curriculum


67 items for use with teaching literacy across all content areas: math, science, technical subjects, second languages, and English language arts. From the works of: August, D., & Shanahan, T. (2006, 2009); Baker, S., Lesaux, N., Jayanthi, M., Dimino, J., Proctor, C. P., Morris, & J. Newman-Gonchar, R. (2014); Brown, B., Ryoo, K., & Rodriguez, J. (2010); Fisher, D., Frey, N., & Lapp, D. (2012); Lesaux, N. K., Kieffer, M. J., Kelley, J. G., & Harris, J. R. (2014); Vaughn, S., Martinez, L. R., Linan-Thompson, S., Reutebuch, C. K., Carlson, C. D., & Francis, D. J. (2009); Shiverdeck, T. (2009); Young, E. (2005) among others. Materials include:

1. Alternative Text
2. Anticipation Guide for Science
3. Compare/Contrast Matrix
4. Compare/Contrast Organizer
5. Compare/Contrast Chart
6. Compare/Contrast Key Questions
7. Compare/Contrast Key Questions for K-5
8. Compare/Contrast Word Map Organizer
9. Concept Map
10. Concept Map for Differentiation
11. Concept Maps
12. Costa’s Level of Questioning and Sequencing
13. Costa’s Level of Questioning and Sequencing
14. Costas Level of Questioning: Examples
15. Double Entry Journal: Math
16. DRTA Template
17. DRTA Template for K-3
18. Exit and Entrance Slips
19. Frayer Model
20. Frayer Notes
21. Grouping for Differentiation
22. I-chart
23. I-chart for K-5
24. Inquiry Products Attributes
25. Inquiry Rubric Template
26. Interest Inventory for MS and HS
27. Juxtaposing Strategy
28. Key Word Connections
29. KWHL Organizer for PK-3
30. KWL Organizer for Science
31. KWL Organizer
32. LEAD Strategy
33. Lesson Plan Template for ELA
34. List Group Label
35. Marzano Six Step Vocabulary
36. Mathematical Definitions
37. Notice and Wonder About Chart
38. PRC2
39. PRC2 for Secondary Students
40. Product Attributes Evaluation and Testting
41. QAR
42. QAR for K-5 Science
43. QAR for Math
44. QtA: Questioning The Author
45. Question Formulation Technique
46. RAFT Strategy for Science
47. Reciprocal Teaching for Science
48. Reciprocal Teaching Rubric

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