Professional Learning Communities/PLCS


12 items for use in organizing, facilitating and maintaining PLCs to include PLC rubrics, planning organizers, protocols, and content books. From the works of:
Chiou-hui, C. (2011); Dufour, R., Dufour, R., & Eaker. (2010, 2008); Higgs-Horwell, M., & Schwelik, J. (2007); Venables, D. (2011, 2014). Materials include:

1. Content Book: Critical Questions
2. Data Action Worksheet
3. Data-Driven Lesson Planner
4. Content Book: Mission and Vision
5. Notice and Wonder about Chart
6. PLC Evaluation Rubric
7. Post-Data Next Steps
8. Professional Learning Communities
9. Tuning Protocol for PLCs
10. Content Book: Setting Goals and Objectives
11. Teamwork Follow-up
12. Triangulation Process

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