Reading Intervention, K-12


47 items for use in planning for K-12 planning and instruction designed to meet the needs of struggling readers, or when teaching for intervention. From the works of: Beers, K., Probst, R. E., (2016, 2007); Downing, J., Brewer, R., Reid, M., & Rhine, B. (2003); Ruckdeschel, S. (2010); Strickland, D.S. (2012); Dougherty Stahl, K. A. (2008); Unrau, N. (2008); Vacca, R.T., & Vacca, J. L., (2013) among others. Materials include:

1. Classroom Reading-Writing Intervention Plan
2. Cloze Procedure
3. Clunks and Clues Organizer
4. DRTA Template K-3
5. Frayer Model
6. Frayer Model for ELLs
7. Frayer Notes
8. Individual Student Intervention Plans
9. Inferences to Evidence
10. Inferencing Strategy
11. Key Word Connections
12. KWHL Organizer PK-3
13. KWHL Organizer for Science
14. KWL Organizer
16. Likes And Not Likes
17. My Best Listenig Checklist
18. My Literature Web
19. My Reading Preferences K-3
20. New Word Inventory
21. Non-Fiction Information Text
22. Pick A Plot
23. Picture Walk Checklist
24. Picture Walk Checklist K-3
25. RAFT Strategy for Science
26. Reader Interest Survey: Students
27. Reader Interest Survey: Teachers
28. Reading Lesson Plan Template
29. Reading Comprehension Rubric: Students
30. Reading Inventory Preferences
31. Reading Strategies
32. Reciprocal Teaching for Science
33. Reciprocal Teaching Rubric
34. Say, Mean, Matter for K-3
35. Say, Mean, Matter for K-5
36. Say, Mean, Matter
37. Somebody In Wanted But So
38. Somebody Wanted But So
39. SQRRR: Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review
40. Stop and Think
41. Story Map
42. The Who Cares Inquiry Proposal Test
43. The Twin Text Strategy
44. Venn Diagram
45. Venn Diagram for K-3
46. Venn Diagram for Math
47. Venn Diagram for Science

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