Teaching To Text Complexity


25 downloadbles in Word and PDF with of student facing and teacher facing graphic organizers, rubrics, strategy guides, content books, and more. Many materials adapted from the research of: Baumann et al. (2002); Burke (2013); Cote & Goldman (1999); Dreher & Gray (2009); Fisher & Frey (2012); Hiebert & Lubliner (2008); Katz & Carlisle (2009); Ogle & Correa-Kovtun (2010) Palumbo & Sanacore (2009) Strickland (2012); Vacca & Vacca (2014).

  1. Assessment Modifications for Challenging Text
  2. Lesson Plan Template
  3. Content Book: Introduction to Text Complexity
  4. Content Book: Measuring and Addressing Text Complexity
  5. Task Modifications Checklist for Challenging Text
  6. Text Modifications
  7. Compare Contrast
  8. Compare Contrast Chart
  9. Compare Contrast Key Questions
  10. Compare Contrast Key Questions K-5
  11. Compare Contrast Word Map Organizer
  12. Compare Contrast Organizer
  13. Concept Map
  14. Concept Map for Differentiation
  15. Costas Level of Questioning and Sequencing
  16. Double Entry Journal for Math
  17. I-Chart
  18. I-Chart K05
  19. List Group Label
  20. QARs K-5 for Science
  21. QARs for Mathematics
  22. SQRRR: Survey Question Read, Recite, Review
  23. Inferences to Evidence
  24. Frayer Model
  25. Frayer Model K-5
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When students cannot read challenging text, they often give up on reading altogether. These teaching to text complexity materials will aid teachers in implementing evidence-based strategies in their classrooms to aid students in reading complex text with appropriate teacher guidance. Students will struggle less, and learn more!


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