Writing K-5


18 items for use when implementing and planning for writing strategy. Materials include student planning organizers, student templates and organizers, content books, strategy guides, rubrics, checklists, and more. From the works of: Beers, K., Probst, R. E., (2016, 2007); Graff, G., Birkenstein, C. & Durst, R. (2007); Reeves, D. (2003); Ruckdeschel, S. (2010); Scarnati, J. T., & Kent, W. (1993); Unrau, N. (2008); Vacca, R.T., & Vacca, J. L., (2013) among others. Materials include:

1. Argument Guide K-5
2. Argument: Science
3. Content Read: Balanced Writing
4. Essay Outline Organizer
5. Evidence to Argument Checklist
6. Feedback Strategies
7. Goals for ELL Young Writers
8. Pause, Prompt, Praise
9. Peer Coaching for ELL Young Writers
10. Stages of Writing
11. Writers Block Think-Through
12. Writing Approaches to Text
13. Writing for Math
14. Writing All Content Areas
15. Writing for Math – 2
16. Writing Genres
17. Writing Prompts K-5
18. Young Writers and Peer Coaching

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